The Children's Place Preschools

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About our Programs

Each of our centers accepts CCIS and other subsidies.  Some provide transporation for an additional low cost. Colgate, Longshore and Cedar locations offer a free, state sponsored breakfast/lunch/dinner program, ensuring that our children are getting the proper nutritious meals they need. 
Our Springgarden location offers organic snacks and milk for breakfast and throughout the day.
Each center offers the same types of programs, such as
  • Nursery Program for infants ages 3 months to 12 months
  • Toddler Program for toddlers ages 13 months to 36 months
  • Preschool Program for children ages 36 months to 48months
  • Pre-K Program for students ages 48 months to Kindergarten
  • After-school Care Program for school age students up to 12 years of age
  • Summer Camp for all ages (up to 12 years old)

Preschool and Pre-K programs are offered to children ages 3 to 5 and are  based on Creative Curriculum and Child Assessment Portfolios design by early childhood professionals  from Teaching Strategies. At our facilities we are creating areas of interest for the students to explore and learn "hands on".Children are evaluated three times during each school year to ensure age appropriate implementation of the lesson planning.We recognize and assess our students in all 9 domains:

  • Social-Emocional
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies
  • The Arts
  • For children, who's English is a second language we perform English Language Acquisition assessments and provide individualized tutoring.

Our experienced teachers use Teaching Guides, Intentional Teaching Cards and Book Discussion Cards to differentiate instructions for large and small group of children throughout the day.The lesson plan and daily schedules vary depending on the interests and needs  of the children as they lead the teachers to where and how they want to be taught.As we created the various areas of interest (dramatic play areas where they can perform and imitate the world around them) and utilized 6 topics of teaching (Beginning The Year, The Clothing Study, The Ball Study, The Building's Study, The Tree's Study, and Reuse,Recycle Study) we are convinced that we are shaping the next generation of young scholars who are set for success in their educational journey.

We also offer many unique classes/activities at different locations, including:
Language Classes (German, Spanish and Polish)
-*Art & Music/Dancing classes
-*Physical Education/Yoga Classes
-*Daily trips to the local playground
-*Various themed field trips throughout the year

  • Items marked with an *asterik are available at all locations
  • To find out which classes are available where, go to Locations to contact the daycare you wish to seek information from.
  • To find out our rates, please contact the location you are interested in. Contact information is posted on the main page.